Robert Prechter’s 2010 forecast

Robert Prechter is a leading technical analyst and market forecaster who specialises in a technical analysis method called Elliott Wave Theory. In late February 2009, Prechter said “cover your shorts” and predicted a sharp rally that would take the DOW to the 10,000 level. That prediction came to pass. Watch the following video to find out where he thinks the market is going now…..

So what are the types of investments that we should be holding in these times? Watch this video to find out…

Last year there was also a lot of debate as to whether there would be inflation or deflation in the next few years. Getting this right is quite critical because asset classes that do well in inflationary times WILL NOT do well in deflationary times. After doing my own research on this topic, I am more convinced on the case for deflation. Robert Prechter gives a strong case for deflation in the following video …

I am a subscriber and marketing affiliate of Elliott Wave International (EWI) publications. If you have found the above videos interesting, check out the ElliottWave page on this site to get the latest free updates from the EWI website.

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